Package: kde-guidance
Version: 0.8.0-6


the kde-guidance packaging system completely relies on the
python-support internals. I have noticed, among other things:
      * installation of files to python-support paths instead of the
        standard paths
      * symbolic links in /usr/bin to /usr/share/python-support/$package
      * messing up with the .version files

With the upcoming version of python-support (currently in experimental),
these things will stop working, since the files are now moved to a
different directory (/usr/share/pyshared). It will probably not prevent
the package from building, but the resulting package will not work.

Furthermore, the direct use of files in /usr/share/python-support is
likely to make python generate .py files in there and prevent the
package from cleanly removing.

To simplify things as much as possible, I suggest the following course of 
      * replace the symbolic links in /usr/bin and the wrapper scripts
        with hardcoded paths by this kind of stuff:
                #! /bin/sh
                exec python -m grubconfig
      * do the same in the init script
      * installation of files to the standard python paths (using the
        upstream installation system if possible)

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need help in making a cleaner

As a general rule, please do not rely on the internals of python-support
in the packaging; this will avoid such issues in the future (although
hopefully there won’t be a need to change the paths any further).

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