Hi Ritesh,

> Doesn't look to be a KDE app anymore. Should this be changed to QScope ?

yes, it's a rewrite using Qt4 and Qscintilla.
Maybe the name should be changed.
I guess it's up to Elad to take the decision.

> So I immediately looked at the KScope page bug don't see a 1.9.x release.

The website need to be refreshed and introduce 1.9.x series.

> I don't know if cutting down the KDE dependency is right or not, but withtout
> it, it looks ugly. For example, no code highlighting, no colors.

Are you using it under KDE 4 ?
Do you mean the editor is ugly ?
If I'm not wrong the editor in previous version is done using kate.
Now, it's Qscintilla.

> And on top of all, the new kscope doesn't recognize your old kscope projects.

wishlist bug report to Elad.

> Probably it is in the early stages atm, but I wanted to give my feedback.

yes, beta stage.
You're welcome for your feedback.



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