* Frank Lichtenheld [Sun, 08 Mar 2009 16:32:40 +0100]:

> Hi.


> As gtkpod is now out of NEW, I'm myself prepared for a libgpod
> transition in unstable. The rdepends are:

> amarok
> gtkpod
> kipi-plugins
> lastfm
> rhythmbox
> tripod

Okay. amarok and rhythmbox are part of the libmtp transition, but the
rest is free from other ties. I think it is reasonable to go ahead with
this transition at the same time as libmtp, with the remarks indicated

> So far gtkpod and amarok in experimental already build against the
> new libgpod, and kipi-plugins in experimental seems to have dropped
> the dependency,

I guess you'll be uploading gtkpod to unstable yourselves soon.
Regarding amarok and kipi-plugins, the versions of experimental are
intended to work with KDE4, which is not unstable material yet.

> I haven't gotten around to test the other rdepends yet.
> If the maintainers have any more information about the status, that
> would be welcome.

Since it's a very small set of reverse dependencies, I'd really
appreciate if you could rebuild the versions in unstable against the new
libgpod, and report if they all build successfully (but note #516564 for
rhythmbox). Additionally, you need not worry about tripod, since it's
not in testing.

> Also welcome would be some input from the release team how this
> transitions is going to be scheduled.

If you can report that the packages can be rebuilt without problems, we
can go forward with this transition immediately.


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