I'm writing you because I'm going to upload QScintilla 2.3.2, currently
present in experimental, to unstable very soon (i.e. as soon as I hear
from you). Unstable currently has v2.2, and the newer version has a
SONAME change:

 libqscintilla2-3 -> libqscintilla2-5

I've already talked to the release team, and they told me to proceed.
Both your packages need to be rebuild in order not to become
uninstallable, please tell me whether you are going to make your own
uploads or whether I should have binNMUs scheduled. 


.: Torsten Marek
.: http://shlomme.diotavelli.net
.: tors...@diotavelli.net -- GnuPG: 1024D/A244C858

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