Hello Torsten!

First sorry for not replying earlier.

Torsten Marek wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm writing you because I'm going to upload QScintilla 2.3.2, currently
> present in experimental, to unstable very soon (i.e. as soon as I hear
> from you). Unstable currently has v2.2, and the newer version has a
> SONAME change:
>  libqscintilla2-3 -> libqscintilla2-5
> I've already talked to the release team, and they told me to proceed.
> Both your packages need to be rebuild in order not to become
> uninstallable, please tell me whether you are going to make your own
> uploads or whether I should have binNMUs scheduled. 

If you need green from my side you have it but please
talk back with my mentor Marcela Tiznado.

I'm not doing Debian-related packaging at the moment.
I will discuss the future of my packages with Marcela.


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