On Tuesday 17 March 2009 11:38:14 Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Is anyone working on this?  If not, would anyone mind if I prepare this
> package in the kde-extras SVN for upload to experimental?  I'm already a
> member of pkg-kde.  There is an Ubuntu package where some work can be
> adapted from.

There is curerntly a need for patching kdebase-workspace to get it to work.

I have "review patch" on my todo. Last I looked at it, it looked abi/api 
breaking for the classes it was patching, but I'm unsure wether it is public 
abi or just internals that are changed by the patch.

Man, how to click the cable to the file?

The point is that from Office NT you either should overclock the jumper, or 
to receive a bus for linking with the RW attachment on a CD system over a 
laser file over a button.

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