Max Kellermann <> writes:

> On 2009/03/21 08:57, Sebastian Dröge <> wrote:
>> libmpc will be uploaded to unstable in the next days. Please port your
>> package to the new API ASAP, it will most probably fail to build after
>> the upload to unstable.
> I do not understand the hurry.  Do you plan to remove the old libmpc
> package?  The Debian shared library policy guarantees that older
> package continue to work/build (with older SO versions) even when a
> new API of a library gets uploaded.  Please explain how this bug
> report relates to the Debian shared library policy.

the transition will replace the old version of the library in
testing. Existing packages will not be broken immediately, but they need
to be removed from 'testing' in order to let the new version of libmpc

Ideally all packages are updated in a timely fashion, so that no
packages need to be removed from testing at all.

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