Anton Ivanov wrote:
> Package: kpowersave
> Version: 0.7.3-3
> Severity: important
> Tested on Lenovo Ideapad - 
> Plugging/Unplugging the adapter is not reflected on the GUI. The system is 
> always shown as plugged in. 
> The full view (click on applet) gives correct time remaining till the battery 
> is off (same fo hover over the battery indication). 
> The ac adapter state is correctly reflected in /proc/acpi so this looks like 
> a kpowersave bug, not an underlying bug in the system.

kpowersave is using hal as backend, so it would be interesting to see what ac
powerstate hal reports
Could you send me an output of
lshal | grep ac_adapter
when plugged/unplugged.


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