2009/3/23 Cyril Deguet <cyril.deg...@via.ecp.fr>:
> Hello
> I had the same crash at exit here (Debian Lenny kcheckgmail
> After investigation with valgrind, it appears that there is a memory
> corruption (invalid write) when instantiating the GMailParser object
> This is because of the following line in gmailparser.cpp:
> // define this symbol if you want to try to detect the language of your 
> account
> this symbol should be defined in gmailparser.h (or in the makefile),
> and not in the cpp, otherwise the object size seen from
> kcheckgmailtray.cpp is incorrect (hence the memory corruption)

You are indeed right, thanks a lot!
The language detection part is pretty outdated and no longer accurate,
so it will all probably go away (hopefully the translated strings will
be preserved in the vcs :).

> I defined the symbol in the .h, and there is no more crash
> Regards

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