Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I intend to orphan the kpogre package, it is currently mantained inside the
kde extras team but it lacks of a proper primary maintainer.

You do not need to maintain it inside the kde extras team, but it is usually
better to maintain packages inside a team.

The package description is:
 KPoGre is a GUI tool for PostgreSQL, using libpqxx library.
  * Browsing through PostgreSQL system catalog
  * Wizards for create, modify and drop database objects
  * Wizards for database administration tasks (backup, restore, vacuum, analyze)
  * Wizards for changing access privileges
  * SQL Query/result windows, for editing and executing SQL
    statements and viewing result
  * Datatable windows for edit database tables content
  * Executor windows for run database functions
 libpqxx is the official C++ client API for PostgreSQL.
 PostgreSQL is an opensource database system.

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