Ticket ID: 66226.
Ticket Subject: Returned mail: Data format error


We at RMX Support are trying our best to respond and resolve your issues as 
fast as possible. Please help us help you by providing the following 
information with all YM tickets you submit:

1. Detailed description of the problem. Of particular note, please include all 
ID #s of objects that relate to your ticket.

2. XML from the SOAP requests and responses. You can find more info on logging 
XML requests/responses in various language / SOAP lib development environments 
here: http://api.yieldmanager.com/doc/9n_logging.html

3. Detailed description of actions you have taken to investigate the issue -- 
this will both prevent responses such as 'have you tried X,Y or Z' and give 
more insight to your ticket.

4. API environment details. This can include API URL or API version and if it 
either prod or sandbox, API username you used to login, API session token you 
used during the problem session and other details.

5. Any supporting documentation.  This mainly includes screenshots & reports, 
as well as code snippets or working parts of your code. These greatly help our 
support team resolve your issue as fast as possible.

All of these things will help us understand and resolve your issue as fast as 


-The Right Media Exchange Support Team

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