On Sunday 12 April 2009 17:28:55 you wrote:
> I have recently prepared two fix uploads for both digikam/kipi-plugins. For


> digikam, I have corrected installation path for apps icons, so that even in
> non-KDE desktop, proper icons are displayed for digikam.showfoto. I have
> also moved some files to showfoto package, as they were in digikam.

Yes please commit to svn.

> For kipi-plugins, I have just backported couple of fixes for PicasaWeb
> export, as the plugin has crashes and does not get album list properly.

When you say backport, I presume you mean from upstream kde svn.  Happy to 
grab upstream patches and include them early in Debian.  IF they haven't come 
from upstream I would prefer to submit them upstream and then include in 
Debian.  But if it makes things work better then that's great.

> Not sure if above fixes would be acceptable for Debian and what your policy
> is regarding backporting such fixes.

Sounds good.

> Regarding kipi-plugins, we got this bug in Ubuntu:
> https://launchpad.net/bugs/349955
> It is actually good question why we need to depend on dolphin/konqueror - I
> can not recall which plugin really need it (only FlashExport for
> downloading of simpleviewer...), but again we are probably safe to assume
> that web-browser is available...

I think the bug is not correct.  kipi-plugins only Recommends konqueror:

> vorbis-tools is probably also left over from mpg123 converter...

Yes I think so.. It can certainly go.

Btw,  I'm happy for you to make such changes directly to svn that is what it 
is there for ;-)  If we don't like anything you do we can always revert a 
specific commit.


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