> I'm working sice a few weeks in upstream to release a new krecipes version 
> ported to KDE 4 but it's not ready yet. Releasing the new version might take 
> weeks or months, so I suggest to upload krecipes to 1.0~beta1-2 as soon as 
> possible. I'm not supporting the kde 3 version, but it's useful for me to 
> install the kde 3 version in order to check possible missing features in the 
> trunk version. Also should be great to let users using the kde 3 version in 
> the meantime.

Are you aware of the latest messages in Krecipes' help forum?

Are you involved with that?

While I understand that you might not want to maintain a separate KDE3
version of Krecipes I would like to suggest that you integrate the two
patches in Debian and release this as Krecipes 1.0.  Also, translation
updates would be nice.  At least the German l10n is quite incomplete.

> If you agree, Matthias, adopt krecipes now, and when we have krecipes 2.0 
> released we could co-maintain it.

Sure, I have no problem with that.

> Another issue: I'm not sure if the postgresql backend works, it seems to be 
> programmed for postgresql 7.x, and afaik we have only the 8.x series in 
> unstable. But don't trust me very much, I'm not sure, I need to test and dig 
> in code to confirm it.

Well, at least it works for me.


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