On Mon, 4 May 2009 16:09:22 +0200
Michael Meskes <mes...@debian.org> wrote:

> On Mon, May 04, 2009 at 04:33:57PM +0400, Alexander Galanin wrote:
> > kblueplugd can be rewritten on a plain C++/Qt4 to avoid python
> > dependencies. Sources can be found in KDE bugzilla:
> > https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=160676
> Thanks for your work. I will look into this as soon as kdebluetooth
> becomes compilable with out KDE4 packages. 

This code was written for kdebluetooth 1.0~beta8-6 (mixed qt3/qt4
version), so it can be used now. Tests with kdebluetooth from kde4 has
not been performed by me.

Alexander Galanin

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