+ Mark Purcell (Sun, 03 May 2009 18:17:17 +1000):

> Dato,
> Thanks for the green light.
> Have now uploaded libexiv2-5 to unstable and (almost) installed on all archs.
> BinNMU's required for rdepends against the obsolete libexiv2-4:

Bin-NMUs scheduled. We have tools to calculate the list of packages to
rebuild, so unless there's something particular to mention about any of
them ("don't Bin-NMU X because foo", or "X and Y need a rebuild, but X
depends on Y"), you need not mention anything else than "please schedule
the Bin-NMUs". :-)

Also there's no need to CC the affected packages, unless there's
something the maintainers need to be aware of.

+ Bernd Zeimetz (Sun, 03 May 2009 12:01:53 +0200):

> merkaartor was uploaded yesterday late in the evening, so a binNMU is
> probably not necessary, at least not on all archs. Unfortunately I
> didn't see this mail before uploading it, otherwise I would have
> waited a bit to make sure it builds against the new exiv2 everywhere.

> <bzed> dato: btw I think it would make sense to set a depwait on 
>        libexiv2-5 for those arches where merkaartor is not yet built to make 
>        sure it builds in the right order

Only powerpc had not built libexiv2-5 by the time you uploaded
merkaartor. Fortunately, libexiv2-4 had been decrufted already, so the
build on powerpc failed; I've given it back now. (Additionally, it's not
very worrysome if an architecture builds your package against the old
library; scheduling an addditional Bin-NMU is quite cheap.)

Thanks both,

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        -- Rory and Lorelai

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