Thank you very much for reporting this bug.

  Actually, kvirc latest stable version is 3.4.2 whereas either Lenny, testing 
and sid provides 3.4.0 with some changes from 3.4.2. The Lenny freeze happened 
before KVirc 3.4.2 was released but we still had the chance to take some fixes 
from KVirc before Lenny was released.

  Now KDE4 is already on sid we are focusing on having what will be released 
as KVirc 4 in the archive soon. We think that it's worthwhile focusing on 

  Regarding the KVirc homepage, well it's true that http://www.kvirc.net has 
had major downtime, but it's not decided yet wether it will stop being the 
official homepage . Chances are that it will be moved to http://www.kvirc.de 
Sure this issue will be fixed on next debian KVirc package.

  Currently both webs are working.

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