On Thursday 07 May 2009 07:11:21 Thomas Braun wrote:
> this bug is already fixed in upstream svn.

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the advice. Could I ask how you became aware of this Debian bug?  
Are you subscribed to our email Package Tracking System (PTS) which would 
enable you to receive the bugs reports when we do.

We also have a few bugs in our bug tracking system (BTS) that should be 
forwarded to you upstream.  Is using bugs.kde.org the best for you? Or is 
there a better way we could work together?

> @Debian KDE Extras Team: It would be good to update the svn snapshot as we
> currently get quite some complaints about this bug.
> Thanks :)

Will work towards packaging a new svn snapshot, but we would prefer to package 
a stable version 2.1, as it is always hard to know exactly which svn snapshots 
are the best to package.

Do you have an idea when you maybe releasing 2.1?


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