At Thursday 07 May 2009 10:50, you wrote:
> if it uses kDebug() without specifying debug areas (kDebug(1234)), we will 
> output it and I would consider rsibreak slightly broken here.  If this is the 
> case, a debug area should be requested and rsibreak should use it for its 
> kDebug calls.

That's  not true. Applications should not - ever - use a debug area. That's 
only for libraries.(1)

Distributions should create packages without that output and as far as I know 
KDE allowes that via -DRELEASE or something like that. kWarnings and kFatals 
are then honored and kDebug will be ignored.

So RSIBreak is fine, I will close the upstream bug as won'tfix.

1. (i'm pleading guilty here for other projects though, where i've done that 
despite the rules).
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