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Hello Mark,
Mark Purcell schrieb:
> [01:37] <Curan> pos: two questions regarding the watch file: first: what does 
> »svn-update«? Didn't find that in the uscan man. Second: how can we make the 
> wach file variable in the kde version part too without getting that part 
> added 
> to our version string and always reported a newer version?
> svn-update is in the svn-builpackage package. man page is OK.  Basically does 
> the same as uupdate but within the svn repo.
> You seemed to of fixed the watch file..

yes, after a e hours I asked on #debian-mentors too and two people (raphael and
Ryan52) answered my questions. So I went ahead and modified the watch file

> While I maybe logegd into IRc< I'm not online 24x7 either.
> I don't know if email is good for you for inbetween times.

E-Mail is perfect. I can read/answer it, when I've the time to do so. I see IRC
as a fast channel which I use on occasion, I might even be online every day, but
probably are only reacting if I'm highlighted (because then I get notified by

> I like to send everything though lists.alioth so everyone knows what is going 
> on.

If it's the wish of the KDE Extras team to be kept on loop on all those beginner
questions I'm likely to ask, then we can o it through the list.

Kind regards,
Kai Wasserbäch


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