> I will do that, thanks.


> Well, This is what Sune Vuorela wrote after I suggested this on
> -mentors in <slrnh169k3.720.nos...@sshway.ssh.pusling.com>:
> Who is right ?

We had a discussion on the subject and disagree as you can see.
We didn't reached a consensus about sponsors requests handling
done for Qt/KDE/KDE-extras packages. Fortunately, the final decision
will be taken soon.

CC'ed -talk to get feedback from others people in the project.
For the record, I proposed sponsors requests should be done on -talk
mailing list.
It's a low traffic mailing list, created for packaging coordination.

Ana agrees and added a [RFS] in the mail subject as requirement.

Lisandropm agrees.

Pusling disagrees and don't want -talk mailing list for sponsoring requests.

each involved people can (should) reply if they want to add missing
bits (indeed).

By the way, now you're in :)



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