On Friday 05 June 2009 20:48:59 Kai Wasserbäch wrote:
> If you want to build the package yourself, you need revision 3240 from
> upstream's SVN [0] and the tip from our Mercurial repository (changeset
> 118) [1]. Then combine them and build with dpkg-buildpackage.

Hi Kai & Raúl,

As discussed on IRC I have uploaded your kvirc to unstable as I was pretty 
happy with the quality of your packaging and you seem to have a good handle on 
Debian requirements.

One comment we did discuss on IRC briefly is your choice of Mercurial for the 
Debian component.

Whilst I don't have any specific issues with Hg, it does make ways of working 
more difficult as kvirc is the only kde-extras package in hg and a lot of the 
ways of working such as checkin/ checkout building, taging etc are thus 
different to the rest of kde-extras.

If you guys had a friendly DD working in hg with you this probly wouldn't be 
an issue, but given that kvirc needs sponsorship for upload to Debian I 
recommend that kvirc conform with the built up community of practice[1] around 
svn.debian.org for kde-extras.

Again this isn't a comment on the pros and cons of a DVCS such as Hg, but 
rather what we know and are familar with working with.  However the advantages 
offered by a DVCS I think are outweighed by using a toolset which we are not 
familar with in kde-extras. Of course some sort of a README-hg for kde-extras 
may address some of these issues, but I don't think doing kvirc a different 
way to the core makes a lot of sense for team maintenance.


[1] http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-kde/kde-extras/README

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