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On Monday 13 July 2009 05:23:20 Michael Schutte wrote:
> lintian reports:
> E: kio-locate: incorrect-libdir-in-la-file usr/lib/kde3/
> /build/buildd/kio-locate-0.4.5+ds/debian/kio-locate/usr/lib/kde3 !=
> /usr/lib/kde3

I know, it was me who added that check to lintian, and as a matter of fact the 
test case is kio-locate's .la file[1].

In this case, the libdir is irrelevant to the .la's file pourpose.


> This is easily resolved by using scons’ DESTDIR option in debian/rules
> instead of prepending DEB_DESTDIR to the prefix.  A patch is attached.

I know, thanks. My plans were to port kio-locate to autotools and kde4, but 
since I haven't had much time to do it I guess I'll do a simple cleanup.

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