Le mercredi 24 juin 2009 18:21:35 Jeffrey G Thomas, vous avez écrit :
> Any news on the status of KDESUDO and the possibility of getting a working
> package?

Hi Jeffrey,

In collaboration with upstream author Anthony Mercatante, I hunted this bug a 
little more.

What I discovered so far is that the xauth command launched on line 166 of 
kdesudo/kdesudo.cpp fails on Debian and succeeds on Ubuntu.

It seems that the X server configurations differ in a sufficiently significant 
way to make the xauth command fail. I began to discuss this with the Debian X 
Team on IRC and will file a bug for this in the next days (and report this here 
accordingly). My feeling is that if this xauth bug is fixed, it should make 
kdesudo work.

More updates during next week !

Best regards, 

Didier Raboud, proud Debian user.
CH-1802 Corseaux

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