Package: kipi-plugins
Version: 0.6.0-1
Severity: severe
Justification: presumed non-free license for included library

kipi-plugins contains a copy of the Adobe DNG SDK, which the ftpmasters
(specifically, Joerg Jaspert) has deemed to have a problematic license,
preventing it from being packaged in main. kipi-plugins includes a copy
of the license in COPYING-ADOBE.

My discussions with Joerg were partly on IRC (#debian-devel), partly in
private via IRC and e-mail. Here is the summary of his concerns:

* Does "prepare derivative works from" mean modification? It probably
  does, but we need to be sure.

* What does "other notice" mean in this clause: "You will not remove any
  copyright or other notice included in the Software"?

* The indemnification clause (ยง5) is a problem. Postfix has a similar
  clause, but it does not affect those that merely distribute the
  software (e.g., people selling Debian on CD).

(The documentation license is clearly non-free, but no documentation is
included, so it is not relevant.)

Have you received a different answer from ftpmasters about the license?
If so, that is great news, since then we can package the DNG SDK
separately, for other packages to use. If you can point me at the answer
when you close the bug, I am most grateful.

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