Dear Friend, 

 My name is Latif Thaksin Shinawatra, the first Son of Thaksin Shinawatra,
and the formal prime minister of Kingdom of Thailand. I hope you are aware
of the political crises which rocked my father the mantle of leadership as
the prime minister of Kingdom of Thailand despite his marvelous performance
and services to the people of the Kingdom.
 This political unrest lead to the displacement of my family and has made
all members of our family to run for their lives as safety cannot be
compromised with the challenges of the day. I lost the contact of my Dad,
and have red in the news papers that my Mum and Dad have divorced in Hon-
Kong. I equally red in the news through
[1] that my dad is now in Dubai which has made me to be confused.

 As at the time of this problem, I ran to London, United Kingdom with some
Amount of money which I deposited in a finance firm for myself should any
further action is to be taken against us. The money which amount to 21.6
million Dollars has been there for close to two (2) years now and I will
like to transfer it to a country where it will be secured and
consequently, will be channel into investment.

 Now I want you to help me secure this money as I will reward you with 25%
of the money since I cannot withdraw from the finance firm as agreed with
them at the time of deposit. I urge you to understand that this money is
my last hope as long as I live

 Your positive response will give me the greatest joy and relief. 


 Latif Thaksin Shinawatra.

 you can reach me with my email below


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