Address: Rue-L 136 Williams-ville,
Avenue: 8bp13/Cocody,
Cote D'Ivoire.
Dearest One,
My proposal is to solicit for your kind assistance in investment sum of $10.240 usd Million, I inherited from my late father as my guardian and trustee in any business under your supervision as partners. My late father was the former Director of Finance, Mr.Grad Rex   (Sierra-Leone diamond and mining corporation). We have gone to the bank and inform them our intension of having the money transferred to our foreign partner for investment as in agreement with my late father. The bank has accepted our request and waiting for official application from us with particulars of our foreign partner whom the money will be transferred to from here.
I am 19 years Old, a nationality of Sierra Leone but presently with my mother here in Ivory Coast where the money was deposited with one of the prime local bank, before the sudden death of my father, You would have been contacted by my mother but she is seriously sick and have been hospitalised for months now. That was why she hands over to me and my contacting you instead of her. What we need from you is for you to be my guardian and partner in any business of your choice where the money will be invested on. I have no business experience, area of investment and location is for you to decide, we are willing to give you 10% of the total money after a successful transaction with you.
I will send you deposit account number, name of the bank, contact person and any other information you need to know when I receive your particulars for application to the bank. If you can handle this please let me know.
Koroma Rex

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