Good day. Sorry for long delay.

I recheck problem and successfully repeat incorrect behavior.

Steps to reproduce problem:

Run Krusader (I use lenny with few packages from sid with default gnome
Edit some file (f.e. ~/test.txt)
Close editor
Kill X-server (Ctrl-Alt-BkSp)
Run Krusader again
(At this time Krusader displays following:
"Can not talk to klauncher", I think, this is important)
Run editor ~/test.txt (Press F4 on file "test.txt")
(Got empty editor's window and zero-sized ~/test.txt file before doing
anything within editor)

I use a default Krusader editor: I can not found an process name...
Screenshot of editor in attachment. 

В Чтв, 05/11/2009 в 11:35 +0100, Xavier Vello пишет:
> Hello
> I can't reproduce this bug with 2.0.0-1, can you please retest ?
> What I did :
>   - created a test text file with kate, typed in some text and saved
>   - launched krusader, and opened the file with F4
>   - modified text
>   - without saving, killed Xorg
>   - restarted X and krusader : the file is unharmed
> Regards

<<attachment: Screenshot-file:---home-amarao-test.txt - Krusader.png>>

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