Dear Magnus,
Magnus Holmgren schrieb:
> On tisdagen den 18 augusti 2009, Kai Wasserbäch wrote:
>> Dear »antsev«,
>> thank you for reporting the problem! As Pier has pointed out, the bug is
>>  fixed in a later SVN revision, which is ready for upload and only lacking
>>  a sponsor (our regular sponsor isn't reachable at the moment). We're
>>  trying hard to get the latest package into unstable but need to rely on a
>>  sponsor for the upload. 
> What's the status of the kvirc package and the sponsoring of same?

we have some licensing issues discovered (quite a mix) which are blocking the
next official release. We're (as in Raúl and myself) working hard on two fronts
to get that fixed.
One is to remove all dependencies on OpenSSL (because of some limitations that
imposes on licensing and because Qt offers all the required things already) the
other is relicensing all the files with incompatible licenses. The problem with
this is: that's a huge amount of work.

So I need to ask for a little more patience though we're really trying to do all
this as fast as our time allows.

Kind regards,
Kai Wasserbäch


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