На Monday 30 November 2009 22:49:15 Salatiel Filho написа:
> is there the same .gnupg folder in your home dir ?

Thank you very much for your response.

Yes, this is the strange thing in the story.
I'm mounting the same home dir from the same 32bit server running same lenny 
distro with 32bit debian there is no issue.

The file I have created in 2006 is encrypted with a key that is valid and 
signed. IT is however not default, but both kmymoney32/64 read the same 
config file in my home dir ... I don't have any idea.

The really strange thing is that it is not asking for gpg password, so it 
might be some link to gpg is missing somewhere, as I've installed the hole 
system from scratch, but this is definitely not a user (home-dir) issue.
I still did not have time to check which packages I want to migrate from my 
32bit installation, so I don't know if I'm not missing some library, but all 
dependencies are solved, so I guess not. 

I could compare the system files on both 32 (I've been using before) and 64bit 
(I'm using now).

I've just compiled kmymoney2-1.0.2 but it's trying to install a sqlite plugin 
in qt in /usr where I don't want  to have it, so may be I'll try tomorrow 
installing into a test env, because it got alaready too late. 

How can I help you debugging this, or where should I look at?



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