Package: ktorrent
Version: 3.3.1+dfsg.1-1
Severity: minor

I have upgraded my system from lenny to sid. Ktorrent missed all my torrents but it found my stale torrents lost from upgrade from etch to lenny. The trouble appears due to changes in work path. Etche's Ktorrent (2.0.3+dfsg1-2.2etch1) has work path ~/.kde/share/apps/ktorrent/ Lenny's Ktorrent (3.1.4+dfsg.1-1) has work path ~/.kde4/share/apps/ktorrent/
Sid's Ktorrent (3.3.1+dfsg.1-1) has work path  ~/.kde/share/apps/ktorrent/

Actual Result
All torrents and settings from ~/.kde4  are ignored

Expected Result
All torrents and settings should be imported after upgrade

To move all from ~/.kde4/share/apps/ktorrent/ to ~/.kde/share/apps/ktorrent/

Eugene Zapolsky

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