Kurt Roeckx <k...@roeckx.be> (15/08/2009):
> Source: kde-style-qtcurve
> Version: 0.65.1-1
> Severity: serious

I believe I found the issue: config.h's line 6 is about prefix. As can
be seen in a cowbuilder build log:
| -- Found automoc4: /usr/bin/automoc4
| ** PREFIX=/usr
| -- Configuring done
| -- Generating done

while in a buildd build log:
| -- Found automoc4: /usr/bin/automoc4
| ** PREFIX=trying to create local folder /home/buildd: Permission denied
| /usr
| -- Configuring done
| -- Generating done

So I guess it might be the reason why we're then getting .h files that
are fucked up, leading to a broken build afterwards.

Trying to reproduce it on a porter box where the package otherwise
builds fine, I can indeed trigger this FTBFS:
| $ HOME=/foobar debuild -eHOME -B

Looking into the config.h file:
| #define KDE3PREFIX        "trying to create local folder /foobar: Permission 
| /usr"
| #define KDE4PREFIX        "trying to create local folder /foobar: Permission 
| /usr"


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