On Sunday 13 December 2009 02:08:52 you wrote:
> Dear Mark,
> on December the 3rd I wrote you the e-mail you can find below. I just wanted 
> to
> ask if you have some time to do the upload. If not, let me know and I'll try 
> to
> find somebody else from the KDE team to take care of it.

No problem with the upload.  I didn't Rx your email of 3 Dec, as far as I can 
tell :-(

> Kai Wasserbäch schrieb am 03.12.2009 20:06:
> > Dear Mark,
> > I just noticed that I had hidden some rather nasty typos in the German 
> > manpage
> > which aren't to good to bear for myself as a native German speaker. ;) 
> > Therefore
> > (and for the switch to source format »3.0 (quilt)«, because this allows us 
> > to
> > use upstream's tarballs without repacking) I'd kindly ask for your 
> > sponsorship
> > of the new package.

Sounds good.

> > Now a few questions before you actually do the upload:
> > 1. How to best deal with the watch-file? (Problem is, that not every 
> > release of
> > KDE is accompanied by a Skanlite release which leads to an watch file error
> > showing up on the PTS page from time to time.)

watch file errors are not too bad and provided it is right some of the time 
that is probable good enough..

> > 2. Do we need to reimport (somehow) the upstream version 0.3-kde4.3.1 as an
> > tar.bz2 to benefit from the source format 3.0 or does svn-buildpackage 
> > figure
> > this out on itself if it gets the -Zbzip2 flag passed?

No we can reimport easily until we get a new upstream release.

However svn-buildpackage seems to work with what we have so I can upload now.

> > Apart from that: everything is in the SVN and ready to go.

Thanks for your work on this.


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