On Wednesday 16 December 2009 02:46:16 Valerio Passini wrote:
> At the moment none is taking care of packaging digikam documentation. 
> Digikam is in extragear, nonetheless it is a very popular application 
> for managing and editing pictures and it's quite complex to use it 
> without a good manual. digikam-doc seems abandoned and many wishes/bugs 
> have been open for this reason. This mail can't be a RFP, since the 
> (old) package exists, however it is a request that some pious KDE 
> developer take care of it. What it needs is to be maintained considering 
> that the next stable release of digikam is near and it would be really a 
> pity to not have the relative documentation in Debian. If it's not 
> possible to fulfill my request for technical reasons, I would like to 
> know them.


Thanks for your interest in digikam-doc in Debian.

Unfortunately there is very little we can do from a Debian perspective as 
upstream have not yet updated the documentation suite for digikam.


Rest assured that once upstream do release, the Debian package will be updated.


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