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On Tuesday 29 December 2009 14:18:23 Mark Purcell wrote:
> I see with today's announcement that kmymoney now depends on libkleo
> development headers for the build:
> http://www.kdenews.org/2009/12/28/first-kmymoney-beta-version-available-kde
> -4- platform
> The problem for me, packaging kmymoney for Debian, is that libkleo isn't
> shipped in the external libraries kdepimlibs package, but rather an
> internal library in the kdepim package.
> What do the kde-pim team recommend in this situation?

We don't really have a better place for libkleo. kdepimlibs is only for 
libraries that had an API review and that have a stable API and ABI, and 
libkleo has neither. KMyMoney is our first external user, so the situation is 
not ideal anymore.

I'd recommend packagers to depend on kdepim on the moment, or manually split 
out libkleo from kdepim. If libkleo changes, then an update of the KMyMoney 
package is needed as well, because of the lack of API/ABI guarantee.

> Is it possible to move libkleo into the public libraries, kdepimlibs?

I'd prefer to see it in kdepimlibs as well.
I'd like to hear from Marc Mutz, the maintainer, if he is willing to keep the 
API and ABI stable. Other than that, we need to do an API review, but the 
first point is more important.
The timeframe for all that is too short for KDE 4.4, unfortunately.

> I see in the kdepimlibs/PLAN that kleo is listed as done:

The file is incorrect, I've updated it now.


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