Hi Mark,

Mark Purcell:
> Could I ask you to start the marble application, without digikam, and
>  see if you get the same result.

Yeah, exactly the same. Eats up lots of CPU and locks up on exit. I can 
supply strace or gdb output if needed.

> I suspect this issue is being caused by the marble plugin widget in
>  digikam.

I second that. Downgrading marble to the version from kde 4.3.2 resolves
the hang during digikam shutting down and also the cpu issue seems to have 
gone. (I tested against the digikam from unstable, not the one compiled by 
me. Needs a "--force-depends" during install due to a dependency on 
libmarble4 from 4.3.4.)

As far as I can tell from a short test, downgrading libmarble does not 
affect digikam's marble integration.


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