A, was made bishop, and died there a strange death. While sick it
chanced that two phials of liquid were placed in water to cool, one
containing a medicine ordered for him by the doctor, the other a diluted
poison called Sollimanus. His attendant gave him by mistake the poisoned
draught, which he drank, and thus ended his life. Returning to Paris
Ignatius heard many rumors connecting his name with that of Caceres and
Peralta, and learned that he had been summoned before the judge. As he
did not wish to remain in doubt, he went of his own accord to the
Inquisitor, a Dominican friar. "I heard that I had been sought for, and
I now present myself." During the conversation he asked the Inquisitor
to terminate the matter speedily. He had determined to begin his course
in arts on the approaching feast of St. Remigius, and therefore wished
all other business completed in order to apply himself to his studies
with greater profit. The Inquisitor on his part told him that it was
true that certain charges had been made against him, but he allowed him
to depart, and did not summon him again. Toward the first of October,
the feast of St. Remigius, he began his course under the preceptor
Master John Pegna, with the intention of fostering the vocations of
those who wished to serve God. He intended to add others in order the
more freely to give his mind to his studies. He followed t

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