M was brought before the king, and his story was told. TOM THUMB--IV The
king grew very fond of Tom and his wise sayings. He took Tom with him
wherever he went. If it began to rain, Tom would creep into the king's
pocket and sleep until the rain was over. The king had a new suit made
for Tom, and gave him a needle for a sword. A mouse was trained for Tom
to ride. The king and queen never tired of seeing him ride his queer
little horse and bravely wave his sword. One day, as they were going
hunting, a cat jumped out and caught Tom's mouse. [Illustration] Tom
drew his sword and tried to drive the cat away. The king ran to help
poor Tom, but the little mouse was dead, and Tom was scratched and
bitten. Tom was put to bed, but he did not die. No indeed! he was soon
well again, and fought many brave battles and did many brave deeds to
please the king. _English Fairy Tale_ [Illustration] SUPPOSE wouldn't
pouring earnest lady Suppose, my little lady, Your doll should break her
head, Could you make it whole by crying Till your eyes and nose are red?
And wouldn't it be better far To treat it as a joke, And say you're glad
'twas Dolly's, And not your head that broke? Suppose you're dressed for
walking, And the rain comes pouring down, Will it clear off any sooner
Because you scold and frown? And wouldn't it be nicer For you to smile
than pout, And so make sunshine in the house When there is none without?
Suppose your task, my little man, Is very hard to get, Will it make it
any easier For you to sit and fret? And wouldn't it be wiser Than
waiting like a dunce, To go to work in earnest, And learn the thing at
once? ALICE CARY [Illustration] CINDERELLA--I Once upon a time there
lived a maiden named Cinderella. Her mother was dead, and she had to
work very, very hard in the kitchen. She had two older sisters, but they
were cross to little Cinderella. They made her stay among the pots and
the kettles and do all the hard work about the house. Sometimes, to keep
warm, she crept in among the cinders. That is why she was called
Cinderella. One day the sisters came dancing into the ho

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