Ir purpose being, one way or another, to instil doubts into the minds,
and thus to achieve their vain and futile ends. Alas for them, however,
there is no doubt at all that they will achieve nothing but the failure
of their plans and the frustration of their hopes. Utter disappointment
and a bitter end is all they will ever gain--just as 'Abdu'l-Baha--may
our lives be sacrificed for His meekness--has foretold in His Will and
Testament, where He clearly and unequivocally sets forth the dissidence,
the mischief-making and the wicked designs of that abominable band. And
it is certain that through the never-ceasing confirmations of God, the
light diffused by the loyalty of the true believers will scatter the
darkness of the suspicions which the malicious have been spreading, and
the brightness that streams from the believers' faces will dispel the
gloom of the people of doubt. Briefly, for some time they had been
applying to the various government agencies, in the hope that with the
government's assistance they would be able to obtain legal support for
their empty claims. However, God be praised, they were disappointed.
Then came a day, Tuesday, January 30--that is, four months ago--when the
disaffected gathered together at the Mansion of Bahji, invited in some
of the rabble of A

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