> I tried some combinations. When i start konversation 1.2.1 and don't connect 
> automatically it's working. But when i enable autoconnect then konversation 
> freezes.
> I'm connecting to:
>       irc.oftc.net:9999
>       ssl.bongster.de:9666
>       irc.freenode.net:7000
> All with SSL enabled.
> I hope you can reproduce it like that, else it's probably a problem in 
> combination with some other package i've installed.
> Konversation 1.2.1 also segfaults for me when i close it, but that's another 
> thing.

Forgot to say, that i have not checked the "Do not show again" checkbox of the 
SSL certificate approval dialog.

And i think it's freezing in the moment of showing several of those dialogs.

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