On Saturday 13 February 2010 04:48:26 Kai Wasserbäch wrote:
> Hello Mark,
> a new version of Skanlite (0.4-kde4.4.0) was released and I prepared a new
> upload. I'd be glad, if you could do said upload for me. 

No problem,

> You'll find the debian
> directory in the SVN and the new orig.tar.bz2 at [0]. 

I have added a get-orig-source target to debian/rules, so we can just download 
directly, quickly and easily.

> The resulting package
> (source and binary) is Lintian clean (even with --pedantic). If you want me to
> upload the source package to m.d.n, please let me know.

I'm not a huge fan of m.d.n, if it is in svn.d.o, then that is a lot better, as 
I can make quick changes like get-orig-source easily.

> I hope you returned safe to Australia and had a good time in Germany!

Good trip, lots of snow which was very nice...  Good skiing too...

Far to hot back here in Oz :-)

> Also - before I forget to mention it - my GnuPG key is now signed by a DD 
> (Erik
> Schanze) who lives close to Dresden.


> P.S.: Could you build the package with „-Zbzip2“ please? That would be nice.

Well it isn't the default option, but I have given it a go..  I don't think it 
does actually save that much space.


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