I hope you can help me with an rather easy question here: I am using plasma-
widget-networkmanagement under kubuntu 9.10 and all works fine - except for the 
VPN connection.

The reason for this is that are the used user rights on this laptop: I have a 
real root account, I am not using sudo to gain privileged rights. I can setup 
a VPN connection via the applet and it is correctly displayed when I open the 
applet. But when I click on the VPN connection, nothing happens. It's 
certainly not directly due to the applet, because when I click on either the 
LAN or WLAN, this connection is correctly created.

So my question is: What does plasma-widget-networkmanagement exactly do when I 
click on a VPN connection? I guess it cannot start some VPN-related tools 
because of user rights - but which ones? If you could tell me this, I can 
certainly ajust the user rights of these tools.

Thanks a lot,

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