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from the author:
> QtCurve is *not* a regular Gtk2 engine, it reads its font,
> colour, toolbar, etc. settings from KDE's - hence reading the user's
> kdeglobals file.
> QtCurve ships with a kdeglobals file for its Gtk2 variant, so as to allow
> customisations of QtCurve's default settings.
> QtCurve is not designed to be controlled via a user's gtkrc file - never has
> been, never will be. Its designed as a theme for *KDE* users, who use the odd
> Gtk2 program.
> QtCurve ignores gtk settings.It's a KDE theme,
> with a Gtk2 counterpart that reads KDE settings.

from the package description:
 This package together with kde-style-qtcurve aim to provide a unified look
 and feel on the desktop when using KDE and GNOME applications.

 This package is most useful when installed together with kde-style-qtcurve.



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