Dearest One,

You will be surprise to receive this mail from a total stranger like me,Anyway, 
i got your contact through internet and decided to approach you for assistance 
permit me to inform you about this proposal Iam daughter of late Diamond 
dealers John in Abidjan Cote D Ivoire in west Africa he was also one of the 
paramon chiefs in my town before He was murdered in cold blood early last year 
alongside with my mother by the Rebels of R.U.F when they invaded the town.

Our late father John died and left us and our mother Gloria and my younger 
brother Frank John my name is Lilian John.I am 21 years old why my younger 
brother Frank is 18 years old.My late father John owns many companies before he 
died which he left for my mother Mrs Gloria John. Within a year of my fathers 
death, my Mother Mrs. Gloria John was killed by Rebels of R.U.F, after my 
mother was killed my fathers lawyer called I and my younger brother and hand 
over my late fathers documents to us.after my fathers lawyer have handed over 
the documents to me, my uncle started demanding for the documents of my late 
fathers wealth.I now called my fathers lawyer,he came and told my uncle that my 
father made a will that all his properties belongs to his children. After my 
fathers lawyer have made that statement my uncle started fighting against us to 
an extend he went and arranged for hired killers to kill I and myyounge. 

The first time they came to our home when I wasn't around, my younger brother 
Frank was shot and two of our security men was killed also before the police 
men came,they had escaped, that made us to park out of the compound we thought 
it will be over that way but it continue happening, that makes us to stop going 
to school and we movedout from our country to Burkina Faso.

Because we are afraid let something not happen to us in school premises, That 
is the reason why we contacted you as an honest person so that you can help us 
in transferring my late fathers money into your bank account.The said fund is 
$20.5 Million Dollars been deposited into one of the banks in Burkina Faso west 
Africa. I will offer 20% of the total amount to you for your help in 
transferring of this fund successfully to your account, and after transferring 
the money we can come over to your country and continue our education i will 
give you more details if you wish to assist us.Please do help us and God will 
bless You.

Lilian John

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