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On sekmadienis 14 Kovas 2010 04:22:02 David Murn wrote:
> Package: ktorrent
> Version: 3.3.4+dfsg.1-1
> After upgrading to this version of ktorrent as part of an apt upgrade,
> all application fonts are now approx 6pt (maybe not 6pt, but not much
> more) font, making the display almost unreadable.  All application fonts
> for the system are set to 12pt, but ktorrent (after the upgrade) is the
> only app using 6pt.
> A quick google for this problem shows others who have had the problem,
> but with no solutions offered.

From which version did you upgrade? ktorrent 2.2.x (lenny)? And by "All 
application fonts for the system" you mean System Settings -> Appearance -> 

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