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affects 579835 digikam

On Saturday 01 May 2010 21:08:37 Michael Holtermann wrote:
> the current version in Debian unstable has a known issue with writing
> metadata to images from some Nikon SLRs. Please update libexiv to current
> version from trunk, as suggested in


Thanks for hunting this issue down.

You don't need to close the digikam issue, as we can link one bug as blocking 
another issue and this will show up in digikam.  Anyway I have now flagged 
this report as affecting digikam, so it will show up in the Debian digikam bug 

I did a bit of work with the same issue earlier and Forwarded upstream here:

I am a little hesitant to pull trunk into Debian as we don't know what it does 
and doesn't fix and trunk is generally more unstable.

Andreas was talking about releasing 0.20 earlier and I would prefer to await 
an upstream release instead of pulling single patches from upstream.

Andreas.  Any ETA on 0.20?


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