The consensus IIRC this morning is that kbluetooth is ready for unstable:

[Thursday 06 May 2010] [07:26:03] <pos> mbiebl:fabo:gkiagia: yes kbluetooth was 
too buggy. but it is about time we reviewed again. I have become more ruthless 
removing KDE3 comonents from kde-extras
[Thursday 06 May 2010] [07:26:50] <mbiebl> pos: one of the reasons why I want 
to get rid of the old kdebluetooth package is, that it is the only remaining on
[Thursday 06 May 2010] [07:26:58] <mbiebl> depending on libdbus-qt-1
[Thursday 06 May 2010] [07:27:36] <mbiebl> pos: I'd love to kick that before 
[Thursday 06 May 2010] [07:29:28] <gkiagia> pos: mbiebl: the kde3 version of 
kdebluetooth doesn't work at all with the new bluez (it's been like that for 
and should be removed anyway
[Thursday 06 May 2010] [07:31:00] <mbiebl> gkiagia, pos: Should I file RM then?
[Thursday 06 May 2010] [07:33:01] <mbiebl> gkiagia, pos: and we upload the one 
from experimental to unstable as soon as you feel comfortable with it
[Thursday 06 May 2010] [07:33:34] <devil> mbiebl: and for squeeze i would 
really like to see sqlite.

This email is to get your reaction before we start migrating from experimental 
-> unstable


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