Alle 22:52 del mercoledì 5 maggio 2010, Raúl Sánchez Siles ha scritto:

>   Well, KVIrc it's not part of what's now called KDE SC (software
> compilation), but rather developed by a separated group of people [0],
>  anyway Mark is right. This looks like an upstream problem.

I was looking in kvirc website and found something similar:
So there is a real problam with latest releases.

>   Unfortunately the information you provide is not enough to file a new bug
> report against KVIrc [1]. It looks like an infinite loop starving machine
> resources. However you can provide more information answering these
>  questions: · When do you experience the problem?

After a while it's running, time is variable.

>   · Do you have any automatic connection to servers on startup?

No, I connect manually; but if it can be useful I use to connect to more than 
one server.

>   · Could you try moving the KVIrc config dir which is usually ~/.kvirc or
> ~/.config/kvirc elsewhere and retry? Whereever it works or not you can
>  safely remove the newly created dir an move the old back to the original
>  place, restoring your usual configuration.

I'd give it a try

>   · Depending on your knowledge, could you try installing kvirc-dbg
>  package, starting kvirc and then getting a backtrace of the loop. Hint:
>  gdb -p $(pidof kvirc) and then bt from the gdb command line.

Should not be a problem, just the time to debug.

Non pretendo che comprendiate il significato di quello che ho scritto senza 
averlo riletto un certo numero di volte. Personalmente, vi riterrei degli 
stupidi se lo faceste. Io l'ho letto sei volte ed ancora non l'ho capito.

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