2010/5/8 Roger Leigh <rle...@debian.org>:
> Package: kaffeine
> Version: 1.0~pre3-3
> Severity: important
> Hi,
> I'm reporting this because it's a significant regression in functionality
> compared with the old kaffeine in squeeze.  If this would warrant blocking
> migration to testing, you might want to increase the severity.
> It's not possible to open a URL with "File->Open URL".  If you do this and
> enter a URL for a stream, nothing happens.  If you run from a terminal, the
> following gets logged:
>  kaffeine(32689) Playlist::load: opening remote files not supported yet
> So it looks like this functionality is entirely missing from the new
> kaffeine.  Upstream are doubtless already aware of this; I'm just filing
> this here for awareness.

Only opening of remote *playlists* (.kaffeine/.m3u/.pls/.xspf) isn't
supported yet, normale remote files should work ok.

> Thanks,
> Roger


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