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Good day,

This is in regard to your pending fund transfer, I am writing to inform you of 
the need to take this transaction very serious as you have barely few days to 
conclude this transaction.

I do not understand why it should be delayed up till this very moment, I am 
pained to note that despite your willingness to help Late Graham to use this 
fund for charity, you have up till today refused to comply with the 
transferring bank directives.

I think it is never too late, you still have barely few days to fulfill Graham 
(who shares the same surname with you) dying wish of charity. My major concern 
in this transaction is that the fund be transferred to you the beneficiary of 
the fund and I trust you will use it for charity as you have assured Graham . I 
believe where ever Graham is right now, he will not rest because of the fact 
that what he labored for and eventually died for is not yet to be actualized.

Graham before he died choose you to be the beneficiary of the below listed 
assets and he said these assets must be used for charity in any part of the 
world, to affect people in great need as well as physically challenged 
individuals around us.

Below is the list of Graham Robert assets that was all Willed to you.

(1) CASH-----------------------------------------------------$155,560,000.00

(2) ESTATE--------------------------------------------------Worth


(3) SHARES WITH CORN OIL--------------------------Worth $500,000.00 in


(4) TWO HOUSES--------------------------------------------Worth not

estimated yet.

Graham Robert advised that (40%) of the funds be willed to you as your own 
personal funds and should be used for your personal expenditure why the (60%) 
of the funds be used for charity as well as the other assets. I will advise 
that you try your utmost best to make sure the said fund is transferred to your 
account within the stipulated period of time. I think it will be unwise if you 
forfeit this funds because opportunity like this comes but once in a life time. 
I will advise that you do not waste this opportunity. I am aware of your level 
of skepticism in this transaction, but I want you to understand that if this is 
really a scam, I would have long stopped disturbing you about this fund. To the 
best of my knowledge, this transaction is legitimate and the fund itself is 
still with the transferring bank .

The reason why I can pay any fee for you is because I do not have it,

I have spent all I have for Graham funeral and I do not have

any money; the bank will not transfer the funds except their demands are met.

They however cannot deduct from the fund to cover the requested fee,

and nobody has the power to do so except when you have finally transferred the 
money out of Graham account. I advise that you do all you can to make this 
transaction a success.

I await your response soonest.

Have a Nice day

Bode Kaycee

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