Package: kipi-plugins
Version: 1.2.0-2

Dear developers,

the new digikam and showfoto, build against KDE4.4.3 both don't work properly, 
when the kipi-plugin function "white-balance" is chosen. If confirm a working 
step there with ok, the photo is manipulated but I get a non-stop rotating 
mouse symbol (I suppose the symbol under KDE, which shows a working process 
and should stop, when the process is done). I only can stop this, if I close 
the whole digikam.

My father has the same os, he can reproduce this behaviour.

I work with Debian GNU/Linux Sid / sidux, KDE.4.4.3, kernel 2.6.33-4.slh.1-
sidux-amd64 and libc6 2.10.2-8

Hoping, this bugreport is useful, with best regards,

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